Friday, August 29, 2014

8 Reasons to start your Christmas Shopping early.

Yes, people, Christmas is well under way over at my house. I have purchased several gifts for my family already. I can’t name any names or tell you about anything specific. But just know this ~ the gifts are awesome!
And yes, I usually do start shopping before October. This tradition started for me in 1992 when I was pregnant with my son and due on Dec. 30th. I already had a toddler, or baby really. They are 15 months apart. I figured if she was going to have a wonderful Christmas and a new baby brother I had better be ready for both. So all the gifts were purchased and wrapped before Thanksgiving.  He came early on December 23rd, and we went home on Christmas day with him in a stocking from the hospital.

So, on to that list of reasons why you should be thinking about your holiday shopping well before December 24th.

1: Tax Free Weekend ~ Maybe you live on one of the many states that offers a tax free weekend during early August. Here in lovely Missouri, we do have such a thing.
No taxes are charged on a long list of items. Not every city or municipality participates so check your local listings.

2: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ~ This is held in July. And the sale is on their new fall line that is coming out later that month! Unheard of! And it is worth going to again and again. And shopping on line too. If you are a Nordstrom cardholder you have Early Access days and can shop the amazing prices before the general public. This is helpful because some things will sell out quickly.

3: Nordstrom 40% off Clearance Sale ~ This sale is held in August. None of the new fall items are included, but there are amazing deals on scarves, jewelry, shoes, housewares and accessories. I got some adorable dishes today for $7.00!

4: Back to school specials ~ Obviously there are good deals around the time you are getting your kids ready to go back to school. Pick up some stocking stuffers while you are getting their school supplies. Their markers and other stuff will need to be replenished after the holiday break anyway. Let Santa take care of that.

5: Labor Day Specials ~ Lots of sales on outdoor lawn furniture and equipment. I wouldn’t put a lawnmower under the tree for anyone, but you might find some cute outdoor accessories that someone would love. Also this weekend there are great deals on luxury clothing and boots.

6: Shop early and often ~ Getting an early start just means that you will have a better selection than the person who waits until December. Some of the seasons hot ticket items will be gone before Black Friday.

7: Speaking of Black Friday ~ I don’t get what all the hub bub is about. My daughter and I have gone to a very popular mall near our house on Black Friday and rolled right up to an amazing parking spot. We walked right in, found what we were looking for and even made two trips to the car. We had all of our teeth, hair and limbs when we left. It’s not a bad day to shop if you want to get some great deals.

8: Avoid the crazy buys shopping malls ~ Seriously when the local news station is covering the crowded malls during the busy holiday season I am sitting on the couch by a crackling fire with a glass of wine. Thinking about wrapping the very thoughtful and perfect gifts I have already purchased.

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