Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moving your College Freshman into a Dorm? Here's a list of things NOT to bring

1: Comforter set ~ Let’s face it; they never made their bed while they were at home. What makes them think they will make it at school? Comforters are just so bulky and awful. If they need something to throw on top of their bed to make it look nice, get a coverlet, duvet cover or just a nice blanket. Walk right past that nicely packaged comforter set, they don’t need it.

2: An Extra set of sheets ~ They are just going to wash the ones they have and put them right back on the bed.

3: TV ~ Kids watch Netflix on their laptops. And honestly, you hope they get involved on campus and are just too busy to sit around playing video games or catching up on House of Cards.

4: Microwave ~ All common areas of dorms should have one.  And they take up so much prime real estate in a small dorm room. And FYI, popcorn bags rarely fit in the smaller dorm size recommended microwaves.

5: Room decorations ~ What was cool in high school is so very not cool on a college campus. Don’t get too caught up in being all matchy matchy and cute. Buy one or two things for the wall and see what interests them in a few months.

6: Anything from Sam’s or Costco ~ I know what you are thinking. I will send you with a gallon of shampoo and body wash, who knows when or how you will get to the store again. Then you get to their dorm room and realize you have nowhere to put these giant things! Same rule applies to huge boxes of snacks or Ramen Noodles. They just aren’t necessary.

7: Car ~ They will just end up being the sober driver. Or worse.

8: School Supplies ~ These are easily purchased as needed at the campus bookstore.

9. Printer ~ Students can print things at the Student Center for small change. In fact, things are rarely printed anyway.


  1. #3 really reminds me of how much things have changed since I was a student - one of the highlights of the week was assembling in the Common Room every Wednesday night to watch Mork & Mindy! (kind of gives you a clue as to how long ago that was...)

  2. I can't believe that when I wrote this last comment, Robin Williams had just died. Eerie...