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Managing Your Kids Art Projects!

When helping clients get organized, trying to control paper is one of the biggest problems. Paper comes from everywhere and it seems like it’s impossible to stop.
I get asked a lot by clients what they should do with all of the artwork and projects their kids bring home from school. I’m going to share with you today something I started with my kids probably 15 years ago. Back when we used cameras with film.
First I explained to my kids that we couldn’t possibly save every little piece of paper that they brought home. We would live in a house made out of paper. My kids realized early on that I did not like clutter.
When they brought home an art project it went on display in the kitchen. With three kids in elementary school at the same time, this was a lot of art. We rotated the things that were on display on a regular basis. If it was something that they were extremely proud of, it went into a storage box in the basement.
I also explained to them that once the box was full, we couldn’t keep any more art.
But the one thing I did with their artwork was to take a picture of them holding the art.
That way you can see their face, how proud they looked and how old they were at the time. 
Now one of my little artists did continue art classes thru high school and college.
I did frame a few of her amazing works. Her art decorates our basement now too. 

I hope this helps you decide what to do with all of your kids amazing projects!

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